Live minimally, live simply, and live more productively. I provide my readers with weekly advice on how to live a minimal life and break down what minimalism really means. Anyone can be a minimalist, but minimalism is not for everyone.

October 02 2015

Discovering Yourself,Learning to Live with Less,Minimalist Techniques,Productivity

Mini Habits: An Essential Minimalist Technique to Improve your Happiness

Sometimes one small step is all you need towards improving your happiness. Notice I didn’t say life there, because the term is too general. In Stephen Guise’s book Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results, he advocates that we need to start taking much smaller steps to accomplish our life goals, rather than huge, unwieldy grasps at our future…

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September 22 2015

Clarifying Your Life Goals,Learning to Live with Less,Meaning of Minimalism

What Minimalism is Not: It’s Not All About Living With “Less”

Minimalism is an overly complicated concept, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. I’ve talked about what minimalism is not (briefly here), but I’d like to expand more of one of the most confusing aspects that people believe minimalism to be. I’ve talked about how minimalism advocates “living with less”, but there is more than meets the…

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